Q: What is Dagorhir?

A: Dagorhir Battle Games is a fast paced, full contact, live action sport. Participants engage in simulated medieval combat and attempt to defeat their opponents in a variety of scenarios ranging from duels to castle sieges.

Q: Am I safe playing this?

A: All Dagorhir weapons are checked for safety before being allowed onto the field. Dagorhir weapons are padded to prevent bruises or breaks when swung with a full baseball bat style swing.

Q: What does it take to get started?

A: Dagorhir is a non-profit organization and there is no membership fee to participate.Dagorhir doesn't require any safety equipment and practices have plenty of loaner gear for new participants. Hand protection is recommended due to the nature of a full contact sport; many fighters use lacrosse gloves or MMA style gloves.

Q: Is Dagorhir a LARP?

A: Dagorhir includes elements of roleplay to create an anachronistic environment where the participants are immersed in a scene that depicts a medieval battle. However, there are no classes or spells and fighters are granted no bonuses beyond their own physical capabilities. There is no requirement to create a "character", although many participants enjoy adding to the atmosphere by including light elements of roleplay (e.g. player name and backstory). 

Q: I haven't done anything like this before, is it difficult to learn?

A: Dagorhir's rules have been playtested for 40 years and are intentionally kept as simple as possible to keep the combat moving.

Q: How do I get weapons?

A: Dagorhir weapons are handmade by the Dagorhir community. There are many reputable vendors that sell weapons and crafting tutorials with instructions on how to get started.

Q: What kind of armor can I use?

A: For armor to be allowed in Dagorhir, it must be constructed of period materials and must meet the minimum thickness requirements. The Dagorhir Manual of Arms has more detailed information.