Name: Aelius Crispys

Unit: Grey Wardens

Fighting Since: 2016

Primary Weaponset: Gladatorial Sword & Board

Secondary Weaponset: Ronin Min Red

Events Attended:

  • Victory at the Gates of Dawn II
  • Battle of Mirror Lake V, VII

Aelius is of Etruscan and Trojan ancestry, but was born many generations after Aeneas and many generations before Romulus and Remus. 

Some claim his father to have been Helios, others claim his father to have been Apollo. He took a grand adventure as a youth to the Far East when one claimed his mother to be the goddess Amaterasu, and there he learned of the mystic and martial arts from distant shores. 

Upon his return, he took to revel with friends, prayer and work in his garden, and opposition to the maladministration of government. 

He's now in Myrmidon ready to fuck some shit up.