Name: Agalon

Unit: Free Blades of Corinth

Fighting Since: 2015

Primary Weaponset: Hoplite

Secondary Weaponset: Archery

Events Attended:

  • Ragnarok XXXI, XXXII
  • Gates of Fire X
  • Battle of Badon Hill XII
  • Siege of Azure Castle
  • Son of SAC
  • Victory at the Gates of Dawn
  • Aratari Alythng '15
  • Mirror Lake I, II, III, V

Tournaments Won:
  • Agalon does not participate in tournaments.
Agalon served as a guard captain for the city state of Corinth. During the battle of Corinth 146 BC, Agalon was injured early during the siege taking a javelin to the knee. Instead of going to the infirmary, knowing the city was doomed, he decided to drink himself into oblivion with a few of his men. They drank and praised the old gods so devoutly they forgot of the battle that was being waged. Some swore that Dionysus and Hermes themselves drank with the guardsmen. Blacking out from one too many chalices of wine, Agalon and his followers woke up in the Realm of Dagorhir, escaping the destruction of Corinth forever to fight and drink in the name of the Gods!