Nikolaos Myrmidon Free Blades of Corinth

Name: Nikolaos

Unit: Free Blades of Corinth

Fighting Since: 2017

Primary Weaponset: Hoplite

Secondary Weaponset: Archery/Peltast

Events Attended: 

  • Battle of Mirror Lake VII

Niko was 9 year old when he was taken from his Clan in Galatia. He was the son of a Celtic Chieftain and had a decent life. But then the fateful day came. His father and the the warriors of the Clan went on a raid of a village near Athens, Niko, then named Cedric, hid in one of the wagons because he wanted to fight.
    The raid went wrong from the start. Somehow the guards of the village knew of the raid and an army was there to meet them. The wagon Niko was hiding in caught on fire and he jumped out.  An Athenian guard saw him and scooped him up and took him in good will.
      He was then assimilated into Greek life as a servant and was taken to Corinth. Fast forward 7 years. Niko was a guard of Corinth when the Romans attacked in 146 BC, his captain, Agalon was wounded in the leg and decided that instead of dying he would drink himself to oblivion and asked his men to do so with him. They did and woke up in the Realm of Dagorhir, to live and fight forever for the glory of Corinth.